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Renewable Solar Energy

Renewable as the name suggests it means ‘capable of being renewed’. In the long run , we have to switch to these energy sources as we know non- renewable sources are limited . The most significant advantage of theses type of sources is that they are pollution free or Eco-friendly. There are various types of examples of such type of energy sources like hydro energy, solar energy,wind energy etc.

Renewable Solar Energy

Renewable Solar Energy

Solar energy is a type of renewable source that can be consumed from the sun. And this Renewable Solar Energy is then converted to thermal or electrical energy for different purposes.This process is utilized by applying Solar photo-voltaic (P.V) panels or solar cells which directly convert solar energy into a usable form of energy using a P.V cell containing a semiconductor material. Renewable Solar Energy is becoming increasingly popular as the world takes notice of the burgeoning carbon emission problems that come with burning fossil fuels. Solar energy can be used in remote areas where it is too expensive to extend the electricity power grid. It is estimated that the worlds oil reserves will last for 30 to 40 years. On the other hand, solar energy is infinite.Very little maintenance is needed to keep Renewable Solar Energy running. There are no moving parts in a solar cell which makes it impossible to really damage them. Because solar does not rely on constantly mining raw materials, it does not result in the destruction of forests and Eco-systems that occurs with many fossil fuel operations.

Renewable Solar Energy

But there are some disadvantages of this type of energy sources as Electricity generation depends entirely on a countries exposure to sunlight; this could be limited by a countries climate. Renewable Solar Energy can only be harnessed when it is daytime and sunny. Large areas of land are required to capture the suns energy. Collectors are usually arranged together especially when electricity is to be produced and used in the same location. So, for the benefit of our coming generations we have change our dependency on conventional sources and acquire ourselves to the non conventional energy sources (hydro energy, solar energy,wind energy etc.).

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  1. I don’t understand too much regarding this stuff much nevertheless I recognize which Solar Energy has to do with all the sunlight however what regarding Nuclear Energy?

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