Wednesday , 27 May 2015

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The Connection Between Water Bids and the Environment

The Connection Between Water Bids and the Environment   Many water and wastewater bids are directly connected to reducing an environmental issue that has arisen, and so the focus of the bids is going to be on the quality of the services as much as it is on the price. Low prices are going to be preferred to fit within ... Read More »

Renewable Solar Energy

Renewable Solar Energy

Renewable as the name suggests it means ‘capable of being renewed’. In the long run , we have to switch to these energy sources as we know non- renewable sources are limited . The most significant advantage of theses type of sources is that they are pollution free or Eco-friendly. There are various types of examples of such type of ... Read More »

A Change We All Can Accept

At this point we are going to just have to stop and face some very hard facts. The fact of the matter is , is that fossil fuels are not in an infinite supply. Far from it they take millions of years to form and are becoming not just less abundant but harder and harder to even procure from their ... Read More »


Stave Falls - Historic 1912 hydroelectric dam

Hydroelectricity   How Does Hydroelectricity Work After reading about newer forms of energy sources. Hydroelectric-power energy sounds like the best choice. We may ask, Just exactly how does this hydro-power energy work? Let me share my research. Hydro-power energy is channeled through a normal size body of water such as a canal. The water source can be a regular sized dam as well. Water ... Read More »

My Thoughts

I believe in America we will soon be facing a real world energy crisis. Our dependence on foreign oil will be our greatest demise. There is much demand for renewable forms of energy. Two that I think that are under utilized and can really out more power into our grid system are hydro power and wind farms. While we are ... Read More »